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12 October 2016
Ca’ Foscari University, Aula Silvio Trentin in Ca’ Dolfin - VENICE


People, companies and technologies of the Digital Transformation

New routes of innovation" is the first Digital Transformation Conference organized by Ennova Research in collaboration with MongoDB and Ca’ Foscari University. The purpose of the conference was to speak about tech opportunities, examining emerging technologies. Thanks to this event it was possible to share strategic ideas for modern firms and think of possible business opportunities, looking at the future. It was also a good occasion to increase knowledge with professional people and tech companies. “New routes of innovation” conference will be scheduled every year October 12th in Venice and other Italian venues.

Points of interest

Ennova Research srl

Edited by Alberto Piccinno - CEO & Co-founder, Ennova Research

Ennova Research is born to be a different tech company. Our main focus is to help our clients develop important innovative products for their business, finding market opportunities and smart solutions. We believe that big products are the result of research, develop and shared knowledge.

Investment in Digital Technologies

Edited by Luca De Pietro - Professor, University of Padova

Fondazione Nord Est analysed IT investments of about 8000 Italian companies, last year. According to the research the companies that have started their investments since 2000 they have been more reactive about economy compared to other firms that did not have invested in innovation, during time. IT investments have given companies an important economic value. There is not a real change unless we change the business models.

Towards Digital Evolution routes

Edited by Raffaele Andreace - President & CEO, Ennova Research

There are two very interesting aspects about tech development that support the artificial intelligence in various areas and where we have arrived at a good level of simplicity and specific skills about tech use, use of date and other processes. The two aspects are: use of convolutional networks and use of services like TensorFlow that allows us to build artificial intelligence systems in different ways with 40-70 code lines. This is the non-linear acceleration.