A Quantum Leap Forward

Our company is born to be different. We focus on intellectual achievement and on innovation.

We crave explanations for most everything, but innovation and progress happen when we allow ourselves to embrace uncertainty.
~ Simon Sinek

Ennova Research was born to be different.

Our mission and passion are to see beyond today’s needs focusing on R&D to bring innovative, human-driven and tech-driven solutions to the market.

Our main focus is to solve business problems using the latest research, design and technology to find the ideal solution together with our customers.

Our aim to sustain research and development is perfectly expressed by our participation in innovative projects in Italy and across Europe. We started at Politecnico di Milano and quickly moved to the Science and Technology Parks both in Venice and in Como where we are still actively involved today as well as in Milan, Rome and Pula (Sardinia). Every year we invest more than 14% of our revenues in research and development.

With our bright-minded, highly specialized and talented people and the pervasive use of Agile culture and methodology, we have positioned ourselves as a rapidly growing company with a leading role in the world of advanced technology and design for things, people and companies.

Get on the future today.









Design Thinking

It all started by embracing the “design thinking” pattern of creating new “things.” These “things” became Apps and related embedded systems and more. We needed to empathize, define and sketch, share and refine point of views when ideating a new App and before building a prototype.

We build to learn from our work. We test the outcome of what we build to prove it was right enough to move to the next phase. We prefer to show instead of tell. We believe in creating “things” this way and luckily for us, the Agile culture is well-suited to facilitate this creative path and lead us to the final realization.

Research & Development

Agile & Scrum

Our development teams are led by Certified Scrum Masters that have been successfully applying Agile principles for several years. We refine the Agile principles and SCRUM techniques to fit the project context and specific needs.

We currently research and develop in other fields such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things related systems and technologies and, in the early development phase, we make large use of our expertise on forecasting and foresight trends to deliver innovative products.