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Our company is born to be different. We focus on intellectual achievement and on innovation. Our aim to sustain research and development is perfectly expressed by our participation in innovative projects, in Italy and in Europe. We started with the Politecnico di Milano, then we moved to the Science and Technology Parks both in Venice and in Como where we are still actively involved. Every year we invest more than 10% of our revenues in research and development. Our main focus is the development of iOS and Android apps, web applications and embedded software. We lead projects and we design and develop products in both areas, working predominantly in an international level.

Through our highly specialized development factories and teams, and the pervasive use of the Agile development methodology, we distributed hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android apps for our customers. Ennova Research is a rapidly growing company and has a leading role in the world of information technology and in the design of apps for things, people and companies.

Our company is born to be different: we use our knowledge and ingenuity to create a new digital world using cutting-edge technologies and combining them in a unique blend to overcome any technological limit.

Meet us

Research and Development

It all started by embracing the “design thinking” pattern of creating new “things”. These “things” became Apps and related embedded systems and more. We needed to empathize, define and sketch, share and refine point of views when ideating a new App and before building a prototype. We build to learn from our work. We test the outcome of what we build to prove it was right enough to move to the next phase. We prefer to show instead of tell. We believe in creating “things” this way and as a matter of fact Agile is well suited to facilitate this creative path and proceed to the code development and deploying phases. Agile practices and principles alongside the SCRUM methodology are the vital substrate feeding our daily research and development activities and the outlook of the final App product through “sprints”. This blended approach has proven to be incredibly effective for our development projects. The net gain and the benefits are real for all the parties involved, from product owners, stakeholders, coordinators to developers.

The development teams are led by a Certified Scrum Masters that has been successfully applying Agile principles for at least few years. We refine the Agile principles and SCRUM techniques to fit the project context and specific needs.

We currently research and develop in other fields such as: conversational commerce and its conversational services extension, social networking and the Internet of Things related systems and technologies and, in the early development phase, we make large use of our expertise on forecasting and foresight trends to deliver innovative products.

What We Do

En Apps

EN Apps

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Release: Inception, Prototype, Development, Testing, Store. Restart. This is our App Development Factory where we develop mobile iOS and Android apps, always at the state-of-art of currently available technologies.

EN Apps design team will carefully plan every aspect, from the look and feel to the process flow, to create an excellent and clean user experience and an appealing and elegant interface design that your audience will love.
EN Apps technology factory combines the knowledge and design of applications, cutting edge technologies and the experience of developing both front and back-end role. These features turn into a set of coordinated and planned actions which will take you where your wishful thinking wanted you to be.

En Enterprise

EN Enterprise

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From legacy J2EE platforms to brand new HTML5 technologies, from architectures to graphic design turning sparse applications and web app into consistent, blended, state-of-art, unique and real time responsive UI and back-ends.

In our Software Development and Technology Factory we mould technologies to make innovative systems and applications.
We work together to make your projects meet your customers expectations, using the best of technologies and methodologies.
EN Enterprise deploys systems for worldwide distributed companies using key components for the first line of the server side computing and for server side sharing data in the cloud.

Ennova Research is part of the multi-company project team of Poltrona Interattiva.

Top notch technology for smart stadium systems.


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Work With Us

We are always looking for young bright minded and challenging people to be part of our teams. Preferred canditates should be Graduates, Researchers IT Programmers, Junior or Senior Programmers. We look for a graduate of the first and | or second degree in technical universities (Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics). Good knowledge of English. Interest in new technologies medium-high heat. Good expertise and excellent interpersonal skills, team work ability.

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